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05/08/2010 - 07/08/2010, Wacken Open Air 2010, Part 21 – Wacken – Germany

Friday 06/08/2010


The day started early, as the burns on our tents. Se we woke up at nine. After a decent shower, coffee (lots of it) breakfast and getting our gear ready we went to the backstage area to hang out till the first bands appear at the mains stages. We didn’t have to wait that long, because German thrashers Dew-Scented were ready at eleven in the morning to wake us up. Theirs set consist of some new and old tunes, like “Arise from The Grave”, “Never To Return”, “Zero Tollerance” and “Have No Mercy”. At this early hour, the crowd needed sometime to wake up, but Germans as they are the audience supported their nationals. Sleepy as we are we moved over to the True Metal Stage to get a good spot for next band to appear, to be exactly Finnish metallers Amorphis. They entered the stage at 11.45 in the morning and to be honest, this band deserves a much higher spot on the bill, this band is around for already twenty years, common! Amorphis kicked of their set with “Silver Bride”, “Sky Is Mine”, “Towards and Against”. Initially, the band was a death metal act, but on later albums they evolved into playing other types of genres, which include heavy metal, progressive metal, and folk metal. So it was no surprise that Amorphis set consist for the greatest part of ewer material like “From the Heaven of My Heart”, “House Of Sleep“ and “Sampo“. But Amorphis didn’t forget their oldest fans, so they ended their show with the classical “Black Winter Day”, from ‘Tales From The Thousand Lakes’ (1994) and “My Kantele” from ‘Elegy’ (1996). The band manage to put on a decent show today and singer Tomi knows how to work the crowd. Amorphis yet again managed to win a couple of souls here today.



When we hear the first tunes of “If You Still Hate Me” we know that Ill Nino is calling us to check them out. It was only at the last moment, that we found out they were going to play because they canceled a couple of club shows the week before the festival. So, we were very pleased. The band rocked the festival with songs such as “If You Still Hate Me”, “Te Amo...I Hate You” and “Corazon Of Mine”. This band with their special groove always makes you feel happy. The sound is good and the man are performing very well today. They also play “I Am Loco”, “Lifeless...Life” and “This Is War”.  The guys are working the crowd and the vibe is very good. We also get to hear “Alibi of Tyrants”, “Rumba” and “My Resurrection”. I must say that this is a nice performance and most of the crowd must think the same. They leave the stage after playing “God Save Us”, “When It Cuts” and the last song “Liar”.



With the early afternoon, the sun is bearing down on us, we go to see metal pioneers Voi Vod. They play the Party Stage, which is the smallest of the three, but still they gather quite a crowd and seem very happy to be here. They start with the classic hyme Voi Vod, followed by “The Unknown Knows”, but the murky sound lets them down (a common problem for bands that appear on the small stage). No one seems to mind though, so the band goes on with “The Prow”, “Ripping Headaches” and the killer song “Tribal Convictions”. We watched the band from some distance sitting on the grass while the band go through their extensive back catalogue with songs such as “Overreaction”,  “Nothingface”, “Nuclear War” and other cacophonous proggy thrash songs. Around me, people are smiling, drinking beer and enjoying the show. The band finishes with Pink Floyd’s “Astronomy Domine”, leaving everyone satisfied including us.



After we left the Party Stage we visited the metal market ( because we we’re already nearby) to get some merchandise cd’s and we had a couple of drinks. At the time that we got back to the festival area black metallers Endstille where already halfway their set. So the songs that we saw had titles like “When Katharina Falls”, “Biblist Burner” and “Dominanz”. But because of that were not into this kind of aggressive black metal we went on, to get a good spot for the next band on the True Metal Stage. At Wacken you have to know what time a band is on, because when you’re not at least 15 minutes before stage time near the stage where your favorite band is on, you’re too late and you have to stand at least 100 meters away from the stage!  



At the True Metal Stage is was time for Kamelot to enter the stage, this band is gaining more and more popularity the last couple of years in Germany. They already did a couple of European tours to promote their latest album ‘Ghost Opera’ (2007). So it was no surprise that they opened their se with the title song “Ghost Opera”, a bombastic song with lots of symphonic influences. Singer Roy Khan plays with the crowd and so the crowd eating out of his hand and goes crazy. The show is phenomenal, with lots of fire, smoke and stage lights. In September there will be the long awaited new album, the backdrop already displayed the new cover and so the band goes on with a new track called “The Great Pandemonium”. It’s a song with a dark atmosphere, and singer Khan is half singing , half talking and there also some parts where he’s screaming his lungs out of his body. But, it’s also a catchy song with melody and some groove parts. As always there is a lot of interaction with their fans, and the band gives their best as they played songs like “Center of the Universe”, “The Human Stain”, “Rule The World” and “Forever”. Impressive are the big drums during the final song “March of Mephisto“, one off the most heavy songs from the band. Kamelot ruled the crowd at Wacken that went crazy and had a lot of fun.



After Kamelot we decided to go see Arch Enemy on the black stage. This female fronted band always gives it  200% and are loud! Vocalist Angela can scream and sing like no other. Where does that voice come from? The wild blonde gets the whole crowd to go crazy with songs such as “The Immortal”, “Revolution Begins” and “Ravenous”.  The whole band seems to have fun and enjoy the show and the response from all the fans who have gathered in front of the stage. I can’t spot anyone who is not moving. It is almost impossible to stand still while this band is on stage. They play songs like “Taking Back My Soul”, “My Apocalypse”, “Dead Eyes See No Future” and “Dead Bury Their Dead”.  The band stays strong from the first song until the last. Although sometimes Angela’s voice gets a little raw. After “We Will Rise” the band says goodbye. Luckily they come back for two more songs. They play “Nemesis” and “Fields of Desolation” and leave us all behind, very satisfied. 



Former Nightwish frontwoman Tarja Turunen plays the party stage this year. She has a lot of male fans so it gets very crowded there before she hits the stage. With her own band she wants to give us a great show and starts after the Instrumental intro with the song “Enough”. This beauty always performs very professional and knows how to entertain the audience. We get to listen to “Lost Northern Star”, “My Little Phoenix”and “Ciàran's Well”. It is no wonder that we also get to hear some covers. For starters we hear a Nightwish song called “Sleeping Sun” directly followed by the Whitesnake cover “Still of the Night”. The band and Tarja work hard to entertain everybody. We hear a nice version from “I Walk Alone“, followed by a new track “In For A Kill”, which will appear on Tarja’s second solo album, ‘What Lies Beneath’, which will be released in September. Tarja’s plays very tight, and as we saw they had some fun on stage during the show. Tarja’s show went on with the Gary Moore cover “Over the Hills and Far Away”, a song which she used to sing with Nightwish a couple of years ago. After that we got another new song, ”Falling Awake”, the first single from Tarja’s forthcoming album. Of course Tarja’s fans loved their show, and when the band started the tunes for the Nightwish song “Wishmaster”, the crowd was clapped, cheered and sang along. This song is also the misheard lyrics section on YouTube, It’s hilarious. Tarja and her band ended their set with a song from their first album, “Die Alive”. Summarized, Tarja and band where good and the crowd loved here, and she leaves the stage with a smile.



Grave Digger plays the True Metal Stage. This band creates a lot of noise. There are also a lot of people already in front of the stage, waiting for this band. When the show starts, we are wondering if we are at the right stage. There are over 20 bagpipe players. The bagpipe choir plays “The Brave” and they do it well. After that the wall of music falls over us. This is the right stage. Grave Digger kicks off with “Scotland United” and “The Dark of the Sun”.  They have a very large fan base and it’s very crowded here. They continue with songs such as “William Wallace” (Braveheart), “The Bruce” (The Lion King) and “The Battle of Flodden”.  This band needs no help or introduction, however the next song they have Doro Pesch on stage to help them with “The Ballad of Mary (Queen of Scots). This band rocks on with songs such as “The Truth” and  “Cry for Freedom” (James the VI). They are very professional and the crowd is loving every minute of it. After “Killing Time” the band has another guest to help out. This is the song Rebellion (The Clans are Marching) with Hansi Kürsch (with van Canto)”. By “Culloden Muir” the normal set is ended. As we walk away, the band returns and gives us an encore in the shape of “Ballad of a Hangman”, “Excalibur” and  “Heavy Metal Breakdown”.



When it’s time for Slayer on stage, the field is packed again. There are so many people that it’s almost to crowded on the festival area. We don’t feel safe anymore, but we have to see Slayer. The band starts with the title track of their latest album, “World Painted Blood” followed by “Hate Worldwide”. As soon as the band plays “War Ensemble” everybody goes mad! The whole crowd is screaming along and it looks like everybody comes even closer to the stage. My favorite thrash band of all times goes on with “Expendable Youth” and the awesome “Dead Skin Mask”, I’m thrilled. Slayer rules Wacken Open Air. They continue the show with “Seasons In The Abyss”, the golden oldie “Hell Awaits” and “Spirit in Black”. King and Hanneman don’t bother moving around or acknowledging the crowd. They just go through the songs with terrifying speed and accuracy while Tom Araya looks like he’s having fun. He seems to be enjoying himself immensely and his laid- back demeanor makes his screaming into “Mandatory Suicide” and my favorite “Chemical Warfare”. At the same time, Lombardo is one of the greats, casually going through dizzying tempos and making it seem easy. We are all overexcited and know what’s coming. The band gives it al with the last three great songs. And so they played “Raining Blood”, “South of Heaven” and “Angel Of Death” before they leave the stage. These men know how to please the crowd. Maybe they don’t bang as hard as they used to, but they are still one of the best thrash bands on the planet!



One of the last band we see today must be Anvil on the True Metal Stage. These metalheads have been around for a long time. Even though there are drunken people laying on the field everywhere, we try to find a good spot in front of the stage. After all the drinks and partying a lot of fans are there, but if they are still alive? I’m not sure. Anvil kicks off with “March of the Crabs” and “666”. I think this will wake up all the sleepy and drunk people. This band knows how to play and they are working together very well. The sound is good and this band is enjoying the attention from the big Wacken crowd. The play on with “School Love”, “Winged Assassins” and “This Is Thirteen”. Then we get something strange. This will make you watch… “Mothra” contains a dildo guitar solo. Pretty funny and kind of weird. But the crowd loves it. The band goes on with “Thumb Hang” and “White Rhino” with a good drum solo. After all these songs, the laughing and singing along loud, we hear “Forged in Fire” and “Metal on Metal”  and we go straight to our tents to get some well earned sleep.



This was a great day, the bands rocked and the people were fun. Metalheads are somewhat crazy but good people. We haven’t seen any fighting or other weird stuff. On to the last day.


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Thursday 05/08/2010
Saturday 07/08/2010