Vixen - 23/09/2018

A dream come true! Vixen, the first all-female Hard Rock group that stole my heart as an 10 year old boy back around 1988. A lot of times I wanted to see these girls from the States, but it never worked out. With my best friend Marc, we even booked tickets and a flight to Barcelona, Spain to see them in 2014. But Ryan Air didn’t allow me to let me fly, still a strange and stupid reason. But here we are in Germany! My mate Marc saw they came to Bochum in the German Ruhrpott, which is not that far for us. So we did not hesitate at all and ordered our tickets. Marc even contacted the ladies and management personally to let me do an interview with my youth star, Share Ross (bass-play lady since the early start back in 1978!!!). WOW, you girls still look awesome and still Rock Hard! Anyway, Share was so friendly to replay Marc and invited Marc and two of his best friends of HEADBANGERS ZINE, including myself (the chief) to do this interview backstage. Unfortunately, it didn't work out at the Venue in Bochum, but we got the Chance to get a nice and exclusive phone interview while they played at the Barcelona Rockfest! Thanks to Share and Roxy for the Availability! Cheers for both of you, to let a child dream come true. Never expected this when I was looking at their posters, listening to their records and watching their video clips three decades ago in my sleepingroom. Let’s start our chat, ladies!



Hi Share! Thank you very much for taking the time for the interview! Are you ready to start the chat?


Share: Hi Maurice! Yes, sure, Thanks to You!


You started way back in 1978!! Was it hard to find other female musicians that wanted to play this type of music at that time?


Share: Well, back then it was just the Founding Member Jan, the Guitarplayer, that had started the Band with her Friends. And then in the 80's she found me, Roxy and Janet in Los Angeles.


 Did you have any Connection with the Runaways (e.g. Lita Ford and Joan Jett), who started at around the same time back then? Or even Girlschool from England?


Share: No, no Connection at all! The Runaways were established before us, I believe, and we were influenced by Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith and all these Classic Rock Bands! We didn't consider ourselves as a Female Band, but more as a Rockband, that happened to be Female!


What are your personal influences and what would you say are “common” influences inside the band?


Share: Well, actually my Range goes from Led Zeppelin to Miles Davis, John Paul Jones influenced my playing very much. But there are many other Influences, anyway. I cannot speak for the whole Band, but we are basically influenced by all these Classic 70's Rock Bands. We have really a lot of different Influences and all together that makes the Vixen Sound.



How was life on the road (especially during the 80’s) and which were the highlight years for you ladies as a band?


Share: It was endless and it was great! It was just a ton of Gigs! The Average was about 300 Shows a Year! It was a lot of Van and Bus, Play, Play, Play, meeting Fans, it was just fantastic and i absolutely loved it! The End of the 80's until the Beginning of the 90's were definitely our Highlight Years!


What impact had the death of ‘Jan Kuehnemund’ (lead guitar) in 2014 on your band, was it hard seeing Jan suffering with cancer? Please tell me how it was and please introduce your new Guitarplayer Brittany Denaro to us.


Share: Yeah, that was definitely shocking, when that happened! We had Plans to reunite with her, so we were really devasteted when she passed away. It simply made us determined to carry on the Legacy! We think about her and honour her every Night on Stage! So do the Fans. And now we are very glad to have Brittany in the Band! She is very well known in Spain as well, for playing with Spanish Artist Alejandro Sanz, amongst many others. We found her through Recommandations of different People and she fits very well in the Band. She brings that classic Sound and Vibe of Vixen, plus her own Style as well. So it is perfect! Really good, just the perfect Match! And she played in a Guns'n'Roses Tribute Band before, too!



How was your Experience on the last Monsters Of Rock Cruise, when Janet couldn’t be a part of it due to health issues? How did you manage all the Singers replacing her? How was the Response from the Fans? How is Janet doing now?


Share: Yeah, absolutely! But first of all, we are very glad that she is in prefect shape right now and we have her back singing great! She was unable to perform by that time, but we didn't want to let the Fans down, so we asked all of our Rock'n'Roll-Friends to step in and all of these Dudes were so happy, it was just amazing and made this a very special Night! Everybody sending greetings and wishes to Janet to heal, it was really just amazing! And everybody was coming together, the Friends and all the Rock'n'Roll-Family, it was really unusual! But now we are so glad that Janet is back! And all the Dudes said: "Wow, this is so amazing, Janet is great, so many difficult Parts to sing! This was so funny also!!


Can you please tell us something about the new Live-Record that you just did? Do you have any plans on making a new album soon? Also with the same kind of music?


Share: Well, the Live-Album was just to catch the Live-Power that we have and to pass it across. And we are so glad that it worked out very well, it really sounds fantastic! Plus, there is a new Studio Track on it, that was never heard before, and you will find an Acoustic Version of "Edge Of A Broken Heart". The new Song is to honour Jan and to move forward at the same Time! So we are very pleased with the Outcome and we have many new Ideas for new Songs, also! For the next Album, we will see. A bit early to say right now, but it will be the typical Vixen Sound plus some Surprises!


How does Roxy (drums) manage her time with Vixen and the comeback of Madam X?


Share: Well, why don't I pass the Phone to her and let her answer that, ha ha!? Ok?


Roxy: Maurice? Hey, it's Roxy! How are you? We are in Barcelona/Spain right now, it's very hot! Hot!! Ha, ha! Drinking some 'Vino' and having a really great Time!

(Repeating Question)...



Roxy: Have you heard the new Madam X-Record? Yes, it's very hot and very strong! We took two Years in the Making, but i think we delivered a really good Record, we are very proud of it! We love playing that live! I love playing it both, Man! I enjoy both, Man! Madam X AND Vixen! I got my Rock'n'Roll out with Vixen and i got my Metal with Madam X! Rock'n'Roll in my Heart, Metal to the Core, ha ha! To manage the Time between both Bands is really a nice Problem to have, ha ha! Right now, Vixen is very busy. With Madam X, we just finished the Record and shot a Video. I plan to play with both Bands, Vixen AND Madam X, live. I am not even worried about that. Maybe we will do some Shows together. Being at two Places at the same Time, ha ha! Anything will work! When we come back to Germany this Fall, i will have to arrange to bring Madam X on the Bill also, to open the Show or something! That would be great, let's see! Madam X needs to come to Germany, too! To Europe! I think we never made it to Europe, it's Time!


You still follow the Heavy Rock Scene? Any new all-female bands you suggest?


Roxy: Well, there is this Band called "Fanny", they were playing since the Beginning of the 70's, which influenced me very much and inspired me playing in a Band, they were really ahead of their Time! They were one of the first all-female Rockbands! Nowadays, there are so many female Bands playing Rock'n'Roll or Metal, it's really not an Issue anymore! We do what we love, it's all about the Music, it's not about Gender anymore! Beating the Shit out of the Drums, smashing the Guitars, even playing Tennis or Football... We do what we like and love! Goddamn, and i LOVE TO ROCK!! Never stop Rocking! That's what Ozzy says: "Don't stop Rocking!" Speaking about him, we toured with Ozzy, we did a major Tour with him! And right here in Barcelona we tour with him also, and with Judas Priest, with the Scorpions, with Helloween, and many more! We saw Ozzy backstage already and said "Hello!" to him! Ha ha!



Are you ladies married and do you have kids and husbands who give you support? How are your daily lifes look like these days and how is it possible you all still look very good? Many sports and

healthy food?


Roxy: Yes, i have a private Life, ha ha! Well, i am married, but i have no Children. My Baby is Rock'n'Roll! I am pretty devoted to Rock'n'Roll! My Husband is very nice and supportive and he loves what i do. I am very inspired by Jan also, and keep doing what we started and we really love. I just do Music, mainly Music. Share does many Things, Janet is a dental Hygenist, we are all pretty busy. Well, about our Looks, thank you very much! Yes, we do Workouts and Sports, look and watch what we eat and lead a healthy Life! In General, we are a pretty healthy Band, you really have to, when you are on the Road! Anyway, Rock'n'Roll keeps you young, ha ha!


So what does the future look like for Vixen?


Roxy: Well, the Future looks very bright! It looks so bright, we have to wear Sunglasses, ha ha! We have just the Live-Record out, we will be touring again in Fall and we plan a new Studio-Record. And again, Touring, Touring, Touring! Sure, we will be coming back!


Great, time to wrap this up, any last words before we leave you?


Roxy: Never any last Words, ha ha! Well, enjoy the Shows, Thanks for your Support, we are always happy to meet you! We are happy to see you after the Concerts at the Merchandise-Table, we come out, sign your Stuff and talk to you! We just appreciate that you come out to see us! We see you on the Road!


Thank You, for your Time, and see you soon!


Roxy: Thank You, Maurice, see you!


Marc Blaakenburg, Patchman Marco and Maurice Schreiber for Headbangers Zine /



Current Line-up:

Janet Gardner – Lead Vocals
Roxy Petrucci – Drums
Share Ross – Bass Guitar
Britt Lightning – Lead Guitar


1988 - Vixen
1990 - Rev It Up
1998 - Tangerine
2006 - Live & Learn