Remain Untamed - 26/10/2018

Interviewing my own label band is not what I prefer, but sometimes you have to do it yourself if nobody is available to do the job. So I spoke to one of my closest friends ‘Hans Hostile’ about his new band ‘Remain Untamed’, the guys previous bands and the fucked up attitude in the scene and stupid trends of today!



Hey, how are you doing Hans? Are you drinking beer at this moment?


Hans: Hey Marco! Doing reasonably well, been a bit ill last two weeks, nothing serious but just not feeling 100%. So yeah, no beer, I tend to prefer Jack/Coke lately anyway so I’ll have of these every night.


What influenced you to start this band?


Hans: Well Of course it was Ernst and Pat that actually started it. But the main thing was too keep the old school crossover thrash sound alive. I mean we all know it’s not exactly the flavour of the day, 10 years ago it was cool as hell but hey, you know how these things go. The Metal scene is as trendy as anything else and a lot of kids are just following whatever is considered cool. But of course the good thing is there are not many bands around playing our style so that makes standing out a little easier than back in the days retro thrash was the next big thing in metal. Most of the guys in the band were in their teens/early twenties when the first wave of crossover struck in the mid 80’s so for them it’s pure nostalgia and revisiting their youth. But yeah the main influences are the obvious ones like Suicidal Tendencies, Cro-Mags, Slayer, Anthrax, Sacred Reich, S.O.D., Carnivore, Excel, Sepultura etc. But of course we are not trying to copy anybody but I think that our sound is immediately familiar to people that can identify with the mentioned bands.


Since what age are you into Metal and Hardcore, is Crossover the perfect mixture for you to play?


Hans: I have been into that shit since I was about 12, but of course the other guys, as they are older than me, have been into metal much longer than me, for me it was basically since ’90 or so but the guys have been in the scene since the early 80’s. I do not lik the term “perfect”, music is not perfect and shouldn’t be perfect. Most of the cult albums we worship from the early days sound far from perfect and we love them just the way they are wit hall imperfections. I do like the mixture of hardcore punk and metal though, metal is very precise with lots of speed picking whereas hardcore punk uses more grinding loose chording, you can take the cool aspects of both styles and combine them to something even more brutal. Tempowise hardcore is very close to Thrash Metal so I think the boundaries are vague and easily overlapped. I have to say that pure hardcore often becomes too repetitive and similar sounding to me so I like to put in some of the diversity and more “technical” playing styles metal has to offer to keep it interesting. That being said I really like the energy most hardcore bands have so yeah it’s all about the balance.



Please tell me some facts about the history of Remain Untamed, the bands you’re all coming from and so on?


Hans: As you might know the band is basically something that came out of the Brutal Obscenity reunion in 2015. Brutal Obscenity was a Dutch cult Crossover band that released two albums in the 80’s/early 90’s so they were waaaaay upfront. But anyway, they did a reunion in 2015 and 3 of the guys wanted to continue under another name. The band was called “Bruut” and I actually jammed with this band 2 times but it just didn’t work out as planned as everybody had priorities and some members lived too far away. But it seemed that Ernst who kinda was the core member anyway founded Remain Untamed together with Pat soon after and relocated to Haarlem. They found some new guys including Stein (drums) and one day Ernst contacted me if I knew a frontman for his band and as I had just quit Skeletons Of Society I advised to ask Vinnie and so Vinnie joined. A few weeks later it appeared their second guitar player quit and Ernst asked if I was interested so then I joined and we have been together in this line up since 2016.  It is actually Pat’s first “serious” band I believe and I have been playing with T.C.F. and some two years with Vinnie in Skeletons Of Society. Vinnie had been with Skeletons since the late 80’s. Stein was a very early member of Brutal Obscenity and has also played with Egghead in the 90s and more recent Plough. Ernst is of course the band Nestor and Brutal Obscenity main-man since the start.


Please note a top 5 of all-time favourite records? Cd’s you prefer, right?!


Hans: That’s always a hard one and I think I will give a different answer every time someone asks me haha, but anyway, my top 5:


1.            S.O.D. – Speak English Or Die…..need I say more?

2.            Slayer – South Of Heaven….heaviest they ever sounded

3.            Exhorder – The Law…skullcrusing

4.            Excel – The Joke’s On You…pure energy

5.            Carnivore – Retaliation…..soundtrack to the apocalypse


About the ST MCD I released on my label, (I am actually disappointed about the lack of interest in this release). Are you happy with the result and what do you think about the fact nobody cares about the style you’re playing these days and the negativity towards the decent compact-disc?


Hans: Yeah! It’s really cool that a label like Headbangers Records supports underground bands, shure I know this is not the time for Crossover music or even compact discs. Altough I still really cannot comprehend why a compact disc would be a reason for somebody NOT to buy music but it seems some people think that way. I think in general the music market has collapsed, there is hardly a record store left and people are streaming more and more, all the more reason to support any kind of physical release I’d say. I personally really do not like tapes because they sound like shit but hey, if that is the only thing you can get, get it! I think our time will come again, and that is my advice for any band, just keep doing what you’re doing, if you are persistent it’ll pay off in the end. It’ll show people you’re serious about what you’re doing and that you are dedicated. Keep in mind that AC/DC wasn’t exactly doing great in the mid-80s but look where they are now just by staying themselves.


What’s your opinion about the nowadays scene and all his trends and the elite attitude especially among the younger people in the scene? -Any future plans with Remain Untamed? -Thank you for this chat! Last words are yours!


Hans: Like I said I see the scene is more divided than ever, and mostly over stupid shit. Metal was always about labels, I mean you were either a thrash or death metal fan and most heavy metal fans didn’t like anything faster than Exciter. And of course metalheads didn’t even wanted to be associated with punk or hardcore. I mean not everything was better in the past but these days it seems more a fashion show than a music scene, if you wear the wrong patches, or a patches vest at all or you have the wrong trousers…I mean come on….the scene is already small, a little more unity and support towards each other would benefit all. Of course we have future plans, we’re always writing new songs and will release them as soon as we’re think they are ready. In the meantime we’d like to play some cool gigs with likeminded bands, have a good time and meet all of you!


Patchman Marco




Line Up:

Ernst van Baak - Bass

Stein Steeman - Drums

Hans Hostile - Guitars

Patrick Mosch - Guitars

Vinnie Schram - Vocals




2018 - Remain Untamed (EP)