Unsun - 12/11/2008

Originally formed under the moniker Unseen, the dynamic four piece around Polish guitar maestro Mauser (formely guitar player of Poland’s renowned metal band Vader) finally decided that something incorporating day and night, light and darkness would suit them best. A label for their music which is melancholic and a little dark at times, yet catchy at the same time. Something that would put a name to the bitter-sweet twist of Aya’s highly melodic vocals topping the driving force of the underlying guitar riffs. This unique mix easily makes UNSUN’s debut album “The End Of Life” one of the most promising releases of the year.

Consolidated by the sheer passion to play intense music, Mauser and Aya knew upon their first rehearsals that it was their destiny to create music together. Right from this supernova it was clear that UNSUN was not supposed to be just another side-project for Mauser, but his personal way of exploring new music. Thus, he and Aya started looking for other exceptional musicians to make UNSUN a full-time band. Very soon Vaaver from Indukti and Heinrich, who also plays bass in Vesania, teamed up with Mauser and Aya to form the high profile band they are today. During ice cold winter days at the end of 2006 they entered the studio to record their first demo “Whispers”. It didn’t take long until UNSUN caught the attention of various labels throughout Europe and in 2007 they finally signed a deal with Mystic Production in their native Poland. The ink hadn’t fully dried yet when Mauser and Aya already started writing the first songs for what should become their debut-album “The End Of Life”, which was recorded in Poland in Studio-X at the beginning of 2008 and will see its European release on September 22nd with UNSUN’s new, world-wide partner Century Media Records.



Apparently there is much to talk about and therefore we had a little chat with Aya and Mauser, here you can read what they had to say to the readers of Metal-Experience.com


First of all, congratulations on the release of your debut album ‘The End Of Life’ which came out in Europe recently.

Thanks man, we try to be the best.


We all know that you recently left Vader after a long time to focus on Unsun, so we won’t talk about it anymore. Let’s talk about Unsun now.


Mauser: Ok. I’m glad to hear it.:)


Could you start off this interview with a short introduction of the band, info on how the band was formed and the origin of the name for our readers?

Mauser: When I saw Aya, and when I heard her voice first time, I knew we were gonna play together sooner or later. She had so much passion and she was so involved in music that it had to end up like this if you know what I mean. We talked about music and the style we want to play. I am a metalhead and she listens to a different kind of music. I tried to combine our music styles. I added heavy guitar riffs to her voice and that was exactly what we love about it. We booked studio Hertz in Poland for our first demo as we had two songs already done. And then we started recording a new promo for the labels. At that time we had no idea what was gonna happen in the future. After that everything was simple. I had so many riffs in my mind, and I started to compose new songs. Aya worked the same way. Sometimes Aya would suggest that I make some changes in my riffs, and I would modify some parts for her. Everything was going so well. Our album was taking some kind of form and we were so excited. Actually when we listened to our demo again and again, we had a clear view of what the sound of our album should be like. She has a sad sound-I like that and I can arrange good parts for it. Everything was making progress. I was absolutely sure that our way was the right way. This is like the short genesis of how UnSun was born, and how everything's happened. We just wanted to play together and we did it...

Aya: If we talk about our name...UnSun this is something between darkness and light, day and night. The contrast in this name is perfectl for our music. According to the dictionary UNSUNned  means “thing which can not be exposed to the sun”. When we chose the name we didn’t want to be the next band with a long name, because it doesn’t sound good. We searched for something remarkable and we foundnd the short moniker UnSun. This name is sound, intriguing, it is not obvious, and most of all it is simple to remember. The contrast of this name is perfect for our music.


How did you launch into writing material for ‘The End Of Life’ and did ideas come easily so that you just had to write them down or was it more of a careful composing thing?


Mauser: Aya and I had good ideas for this album, and we just started writing. Some songs were written by her, others by myself. It was not hard for us to do stuff like that because we like this kind of music. Everything is straight from our hearts and is true. We are so involved in our music, this is our passion. If you have these kinds of feelings it's easy to write good songs.



What were the goals you had in mind when you started to record ‘The End Of Life’, any elements you definitely wanted to have on the album?

Aya: The recording process was very important to us, from the beginning to the end. First  the arrangement of the songs, then the recording of the instruments, drums, bass, guitars and finally vocal lines and arranging them. The arrangement of the instruments was done by Mauser, and the vocal lines by myself. This was a long and exhausting process though satisfying for us in the end. When we were writing the songs we wanted to give people a positive injection of energy and let them reflect somewhat on life and soften them a little (that is why I wrote "Memories" "Face the truth" ). We wanted people to listen to these songs and to feel the same things we felt when we wrote the songs, the lyrics, and when we were recording. The sounds on "the end of life" are our emotions. There is pain, grief, madness, anger, love...these emotions are known by each of us. Producing the album was very important to us, this was done by Szymon Czech& Marcin Kielbaszewski from Studio X, where we  recorded "The End Of Life".


Was it a conscious decision to do it this way?

Mauser: O yeah absolutely. Me and Aya have talked about Unsun a lot. Everything was clear when we started recording our album.


Who was responsible for writing the songs and the lyrics on this album and where do you get your inspiration from? What would you say are the main themes in your lyrics ?

Aya: If we talk about lyrics... In my lyrics I talk a lot about death, vanishing and generally about the pain of the life, this all results from my personal experiences from recent years of my life. Many people that I was close to have gone and the one I was closest to, I was there till the "end". Maybe this sounds odd, but death just has a huge influence  on my texts and the vocal melodies. Bands, movies, and books had an insignificant influence on me, I always chose my personal way. This way I escaped from influences. Only this way it is possible to make something innovative. something new..only our emotions. Almost all the all songs on ‘The End Of Life’ were written by Mauser, he did a great job.


Could you please describe the implications of the title ‘The End Of Life’, what does it stand for and is there a special meaning behind it?

Aya: death is a part of  our lives. Sometimes I think about it a lot, and I can’t agree with the fact that someday I'll be gone. You will be gone and so will every man, everyone you love, you like, who is near your heart. This is a very important topic. This problem is declining our considerations about the meaning of life. But there is the other side this of question, the better side. When something is ending, it is not always sad or the worst thing. The End  may be the beginning of some good things. So the title of this album can be interpreted  twofold. We lost many friends lately, we would like to dedicate this album to them. This is like a tribute for all these people.


Is your music written independently of the lyrics or do you try to reflect lyrical ideas through the music?

Aya: Mauser wrote the songs and I wrote the lyrics. When he’d done his part I started to write the melody lines. I always search for music that has the best feeling for my lyrics.


How important is it to you that people pay attention to the lyrics apart from listening to the music?

Aya: That is very important to me.


What is the utmost important ingredient for a song according to you? Is there any typical way that an Unsun song comes into being, and how can we imagine you work on new songs?


Mauser: Writing is absolutely natural for me, it’s like breathing:) The process of creating the songs was typically like with the other bands I was. You just sit down and write. Natural stuff. If I find some good riffs in my mind I just record them on my computer. Anyway, the first thing I do is the guitars and then the samples. I also program the drums for my songs. When I’ve done all the instruments, I mix it all into one piece. And then finally I have all the songs.:)


What comes first, lyrics or melodies? Is it like you sit down and write a new song because you need more material now or do you wait until you get an idea?

Aya: There was a diversity. Sometimes the lyrics came first and other times it was the melodies. Many of my lyrics I wrote such a long time ago...of course like every artist I’m not content yet with my work on this album, I think I could do better. On the next album I'll give more of myself. But think that ‘The End Of Life’ is still a good album.



How did the recording process proceed, did you work differently than on previous albums you did with Vader and how much time did you spend in the studio?


Mauser: I had the whole album, I mean every song ready before entering the studio. I recorded everything on my computer first, and when everything was done I sent the demo to the other members of my band. They just learned the songs and we just started recording everything one more time in the studio. The whole process of recording was the same like in Vader. The drums first, then the guitars and samples…At the end Aya recorded all the voices, and we started mixing everything. We spent like one month and a half in the studio. But it was just a regular recording process. After that, the production of the album took like two months. A lot of work and stress, but we made it.  


Overall, are you pleased with the outcome of the songs or would you have liked to have changed anything in retrospective?

Aya: We think that ‘The End Of Life’ is a very good album. This is our first album, and we are searching for our musical path all the time. We don’t want to change anything on the album. Maybe only this, we would like to have a bigger budget for recording...we're looking ahead and that what we didn't do on this album, we'll do on the next.


What about the CD are you most proud of?

Mauser: We are proud of ourselves because we did  a great album. Our future was decided for us, we have great perspectives for  progress.


Are third party opinions (press, fans, etc.) on your music important to you? Or are your music and band the only things that matter?

Aya: Artists can’t be caring about opinions. An artist must be independent and he can’t give up his opinion. The most important thing is music, we create our art and you can accept it or not.


I’d like to talk about your personal goals nowadays, specifically as a musician. Is there a particular area in your playing that you are still working on?


Mauser: I’m always trying to be a better musician. I watch other guitar players and I try to learn some new tricks. That’s why I play different kinds of music styles, not only death metal. I’m still growing and learning. Trying to be the best I can.


Which song is your favorite one to play live? Which song do you find is the most challenging one to play live?

Aya: The most challenging one to play is “On The Edge”, but only for the guys, for me it’s great, I very much like to sing it. We all think that the best songs to play are “Bring Me To Heaven” and “Blinded By Hatred”, but the rest of the songs are still good to play and sound very heavy live.



Who are your greatest influences - both in terms of composition, as well as your guitar playing?


Mauser: From the past I like Joe Satriani’s style, but now my champion is Zakk Wylde. He has so much passion when he plays. I like this style very much. The bands Linkin Park and Disturbed have also really inspired me. I tried to do some good riffs on this album, I tried to do something that I like. Everything is straight from my heart and is really true. Unsun is my vision of this kind of music, my passion, something special for me. It's like my philosophy, my life. I just try to be the best.


Tracking back a little bit, when you were just getting started out playing as a musician, you obviously put in quite a few hours honing your technique. What was your practice routine like, especially during that period compared to now?


Mauser: In the beginning I was educated in music school. My first instrument was a violin. And then I discovered the guitar. A really great instrument, the neck with the frets, six strings, it sounded great to me. I started playing the guitar when I was 14 or 13. Don’t remember exactly. But it was a true love for this instrument. My next experience was metal music with the heavy sound of guitars. I practised different scales for a few hours a day, I started playing in some metal bands, learning tricks from my friends. And now I’m still learning, nothing has changed. The same story every day. If you don’t learn you are stuck in the same place. When I compose a new album I try to find new guitar riffs, played new solo's, new tricks. I’m not looking back, I’m going straight forward.


Can you tell us a little about yourself and the kinds of things that motivate you in your writing, your poetry, and your lyrics? What are you personally into?

Aya: I have always loved poetry and music. I ‘ve been writing it from my childhood. When I want to do a good poem I must wait for good moment of course, for an impulse. I write when I am a sad. I put to my whole heart into my art. My life experience  is very helpful during composing. I have a very deep sense of art.



What have been the highlights and low points throughout your career?


Mauser: Highlights...You can do what you love. You have a lot of fans. People looking at you and trying to be like you. It's nice. But sometimes you get really tired of it. Always on tour, far away from your family. That really sucks. But this is my profession, I’m a musician. Free will, my choice. I don’t wanna cry.:)


Are there any particular bands who’ve been a big influence in your song writing, metal or otherwise? Which album has been your biggest musical influence, one that made you think “this is what I want to do!”?


Mauser: Oh yeah. Linkin Park, Disturbed, Korn. I like those bands so much. And their music was a push to do something with UnSun. It was like an impuls. I've realized I want to play this kind of music, heavy music with a clean voice. But not like heavy metal bands, just like those guys.


How would you sum up Unsun to someone that has never listened to the band?


Mauser: Well, this is music for people who like bands like Linkin Park, Disturbed or Evanescence. This music is for everybody who has an open mind. Music with heavy riffs and a female voice. It's hard to say about your own music. It’s better to hear it than to talk about it. I think people can find something in our music, something they like.


The gothic scene exploded the last couple of years in Europe, a lot of bands seem to have popped up. So In your opinion, what makes Unsun stand out compared to other bands?


Mauser: You’re right, the gothic scene is huge, but we are not a gothic band. In our musci you can find rock or metal style elements. We are not a typical gothic band as Aya's voice is more pop than gothic. But to the press we are the next gothic band. It's so funny, I never listen to goth bands. Anyway, I think we can find our place in the rock-metal scene.


What is your opinion on the ‘Gothic’ scene these days, is there anything missing in the scene?


Mauser: I don’t know a gothic scene, and I can say nothing about this. I've never been a part of this scene. I don’t care about this.


Where do you see the band going within the next couple of years, and where do you see the band’s musical direction going for the next album?


Mauser: It's hard to say where we are going today, because this is our first album. We are still learning and searching for a new experience. We have to wait and see what's up. Our album has just been released. We are getting good feedback from our fans. We have a long deal with Century Media, so we have a lot of time to think about our future. For now I’m waiting for a tour with UnSun. I wanna show the people what UnSun is like live. It's time for promotion, interviews, shows, promotion again etc.:)


Any last statement?


Thanks for your support and see you on tour.

Aya, Mauser & UnSun

Thanks for your time.




Aya - Vcals

Mauser - Guitars, Samples

Heinrich - Bass

Vaaver – Drums



The End Of Life - 2008