would like to thank the following people.

Laurie Sato, Steve Smyth, Testament, Chuck Billy & Tiffany, Walter Morgan, Dragonlord, Steve Digiorgio and Sadus, Jeff Loomis and Nevermore, Mark McGee, Tommy Sisco, Geoff Thorpe, Ira Black, Cornbread and Will Carroll of Vicious Rumors, Mark Osequeda and Death Angel, Graig & Ruffians, Immi & Jan, Gerwin & Grietje, Johan and everybody at Waldrock, André Verhuysen and Dynamo, Metal Mike, Rob Trommelen and Mojo, All of our friends in Holland: Rick Ambrose, EB, Martina & Alwin, Michelle & Erwin, gebroeders Bloemendaal, Xandra and all the other partyfreaks!!