Marduk Viktoria

Century Media Records



Swedish black metal band Marduk will release their fourteenth Full-length album ‘Viktoria’ the 22nd of June through Century Media. After the well received ‘Frontschwein’, which took them around the world twice, we had to wait for three years before this new release will drop on doormat. The recent live shows already revealed two songs, the rest will become public shortly.

Opener ‘Werwolf’ was the first single released on YouTube and besides the fact that the riffing is typical for Marduk, it is the too popular sounding chorus that made my eyebrows frown slightly. Follow up ‘June 44’ has that same effect on me, the “ahaha’s” that Mortuus brings give me the creeps in a negative way. The music is fast and brutal as can be expected from the band.

First song that really amazes me is ‘Equestrian Bloodlust’, the second song the band played live in recent shows. Fast, furious and brutal, with an exhilarating Fredrik Widigs behind the drums. More songs like this you will find in ‘Narva’, ‘The Last Fallen’ and title track ‘Viktoria’, were a track as ‘Tiger I’ is as slow as the panzer vehicle itself and shows a darker Marduk side.

Marduk’s ‘Viktoria’ is an album with two faces, fast and brutal, as can be expected, and tracks that are more accessible. Overall one can expect that ‘Viktoria’ will get the appreciation from the “old school” Marduk fans. The album is the logical continuation of ‘Frontschwein’ (Erik van Dijk)


01. Werwolf 02:02
02. June 44 03:49
03. Equestrian Bloodlust 02:51
04. Tiger I 04:12
05. Narva 04:31
06. The Last Fallen 04:25
07. Viktoria 03:06
08. The Devil's Song 03:46
09. Silent Night 04:12