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Over the Coals is a party of five hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia with vocalist Susie Meyers as front woman. After a number of changes, the line up of the band became a definite in 2011. The band’s first 4 track EP was produced by Chris “Hollywood” Holmes (who has previously worked with bands such as Korn) was released on March 15th, 2013.

According to the band members, Over the Coals were influenced by bands like Black Dahlia Murder, White Chapel and Lamb of God. This statement is supported by the combination of powerful riffs, pounding drums and furious guitars on this EP. During the opening song “My Worth”, Meyers’ brutal grunts are alternated with clean vocals. For the clip shot for this track, click on the following link: Over The Coals During the remaining three songs, the band remains at full speed. For instance, listen to the intense track entitled “Broken Design” or try the up tempo “Heretic” which is larded with heavy riffs and shredding guitar work.

On the whole, Over the Coals have succeeded in creating an impressive calling card with four promising tracks. The production work is modern, with a fresh and clear sound. A sure-fired hit with the fans of the abovementioned bands.

01. My Worth
02. Black July
03. Broken Design
04. Heretic

Max Matthews - Drums
Adam Repetowski- Guitar
Susie Myers - Vocals
Ryan Skuce - Bass
Richard Kingston-Guitar

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