Gorefest - Mouthing off - 22/03/2007

In the summer of 2004 negotiations to re-release the entire Gorefest back catalogue resulted in the band reforming. And so after a 6 year hiatus Gorefest is back in its original mark II line-up. The band appeared at selected festivals such as Dynamo Open Air, Wacken Open Air and Graspop, after which they entered the studio to record ‘La Muerte’ in October 2005. With ‘La Muerte’ Gorefest returns to their roots and the musical direction on this album is similar to ‘False’. They produced the album all by themselves and the mixing is done by Tue Madsen from the Antfarm Studios.



March 2007 they will enter the studio again after a couple of cancelled tours, they are angry and eager to put some damage on disc. Again it will be in the Excess studios Rotterdam, producing by themselves with a little bit Tue Madsen, who will manage the mixing in the end.


In the end of 2006 Rik van Gageldonk & Alissa Balfoort did an interview with the band, read carefully what they had to say.

For more information see Alissa’s website : www.alissaphotography.com


After taking a break for a few years Gorefest is back at the Dutch Metal front. How is it going so far?

It’s going great! Gorefest has returned to being a band of 4 individuals that form Gorefest together. At a certain moment in the past, Gorefest was more like a company, a lot of people who were combined Gorefest. Now it is like in the beginning. It is more of a hobby than a job, but a serious one. It is one of the best choices we’ve ever made.


‘La Muerte’ has been out for a year now. How was the response to the CD?

The reactions have been very positive! Except for England. We got less positive reviews over there, but you have to remember if it ain’t English or American, it will not be received well over there, hehe…


Tue Madsen did the mixing of the CD and had total control. How does it feel to let it go, while in the past you guys were in charge of everything during recording?

Not having much control on mixing, turned out to be a very good thing! We gave Tue some instructions about how it should be, but we gave him the freedom to do his thing. Through the internet we kept in touch. Nowadays you can easily exchange premixes through mail and we can give feedback very fast. We think that it is also better for the result if the person who does the mixing doesn’t have 4 guys standing behind him and watch all the moves he makes. The process became a lot more free and less stressful this way!



How does it feel to be back at Nuclear Blast?

Very good! It feels like coming home. Together with Nuclear Blast Gorefest became big. At the time of ‘False’ we could also sign with SPV, but our gut said Nuclear Blast, especially because of their enthusiasm and dedication to metal they put in it for a small label. Gorefest was the first Nuclear Blast band, to become ‘Band des Monates’ in RockHard. After ‘Soul Survivor’ it was a logical step to move to SPV, which was a bigger label at that time. Every big band from Nuclear Blast made that move back then, so Gorefest did too. But when we started Gorefest all over again 2 years ago, Nuclear Blast asked if we were interested in resigning. We didn’t have a single note on paper, but we told them that we wanted to record an old school Gorefest record, hard and loud! When they heard that, they gave us a record-deal for 3 records.


You haven’t been on a real tour since ‘La Muerte’ was released, except for the upcoming X-Mass tour. A tour with Entombed, Master and a tour with Bolt Thrower were cancelled. Can we expect a tour for promoting ‘La Muerte’ or will there be a tour after releasing a new CD?

Well actually we did a lot of gigs. About 60 gigs this year, so it has been good year for us! Maybe it the record-sales would have been higher if we had gone on a real tour, but it still turned out good. A new tour will probably take place after releasing a new record, which will be not happening before the end of next year.


What were the reasons for cancelling the tours? On the internet we read some none flattering words about Paul Speckmann (Master)?

Let’s say we had good reasons for it. Cancelling a tour sucks, but it is better than getting screwed. The threat was there, so we backed off.


On the last cd Ed wrote a lot of the music. Has the writing been a band process? Do you work on songs at home or is Gorefest more a band of writing new songs during jam sessions?

Boudewijn and Ed write the structure of the songs, but when we go into the studio and the 4 of us work on it, it no longer sounds like a song done by Ed and Boudewijn. It has become a Gorefest-song. Everyone adds something to the music this way. The writing usually starts at home, because we don’t have much time to do it in a rehearsal room.



Did you already start working on songs for the new CD?

We have some ideas, but nothing concrete yet. For March next year we’ve got 1,5 month booked at Excess  studios to record new material. A new release has been set for September 2007.


Will you be using Hammond organs again in the future?

No! That is behind us! It’s gonna be guitars, a lot of guitars, “If I find one it will burn to the ground, haha…” adds J.C.


While the band was separated everyone started his own side project. Now that Gorefest is back together is there still time for side-projects?

Not much. After the recording sessions for the new CD Ed en Boudewijn are going on a short club tour with their Thin Lizzy cover band. That’s a quiet moment until the CD gets released, so it is a good moment to do something else. “The best thing that could happen is playing in Dublin on the day Phil Lynott died, but it will be gigs in The Netherlands” adds Ed.


Can we ever expect a release from Valkyrie?



OK, Thanks for the interview and have a good show!

Rik van Gageldonk & Alissa Balfoort



Gorefest is:

Jan Chris de Koeyer - Vocals, Bass

Frank Harthoorn - Guitar

Boudewijn Vincent Bonebakker - Guitar

Ed Warby - Drums



1991 - Mindloss
1992 - False

1993 - The Eindhoven Insanity Live  

1994 - Erase

1994 - Fear EP

1996 - Soul Survivor

1998 - Chapter 13

2005 - La Muerte