Vulcano - 25/03/2020

November last year the Brazilian black/death/thrash metal cult band Vulcano visited the Little Devil in Tilburg. Vulcano is an extreme metal band from Santos, São Paulo, Brazil. Founded in 1981, it is one of the first Brazilian heavy metal bands with reference to their influence on the Latin American black metal scene. Vulcano not only kick-started musical blasphemy in Brazil, but throughout the whole of Latin America, furthermore the band is noted as an influence on Sepultura. Marco had the privilege to help them around in Tilburg and was in the opportunity to do a short but sweet interview.



It was a real honor help you around with the snare-drum and have a face to face interview and drink some beers afterwards.


Hey man! I want to thank you for hospitality, and fun night! 


Vulcano is one of the most influential extreme metal acts from the Brazilian continent, can you tell me something about the Brazilian metal scene?


I think it's totally different. In the 80s you had a scene and nowadays you have another scene. The main difference is that in the 80s everyone would be headbanging, going to the shows, pay for the shows and buy merchandise. Nowadays? It's not like it was, totally different. The headbanger goes to the show but doesn't enter the venue, only stays outside, talking and drinking. I think nowadays we have a lot of many cool bands, but in the past with a few bands there were more people to see. Nowadays you have many bands but fewer people to see. A lot of bands but no fans. You have them on the internet but at the shows you have just a few people. Very sad!


Are there any other active bands?


We have great bands that tour the country, outside the country too, releasing albums in-between 2/3 years. We have a good relationship with these bands. Always mixed together on tour outside our state Saint Paul. We played some weeks ago in the street of Federal where we have the Capital of our country, Brazilia (the City).


How were the 90's in Brazil? Here it was really shit, if it’s about the more traditional kind of metal!


In Brazil it's the same shit (laughing) In the 90's Vulcano stopped. The band stopped in 1990, after the release of the 'Red Race' album. Because I think the scene at the time was totally fancy, not real. Just like Sepultura, I don't like the groovy stuff. It's not my cup of tea. I like classic 80's heavy metal like Stress, Taurus, Attomica, Korzus and Antharas.


We had Rock in Rio a few months ago and a lot of people came to the festival to see the bands from outside Brazil. This year we had some cool bands from the underground Brazilian scene playing like Claustrophobia and Nervosa. So it was the first time more Brazilian bands came on this festival. Actually the most Brazilian media give the most attention to the mainstream and not the underground and especially to bands who come from the USA and so on.



How is it to be 62 and still play extreme Metal?


I really don't have this perception about how old I am, and that I am still involved in the metal scene and especially creating songs for the underground. For me there is no age dimension when you are inside heavy metal no matter how extreme it is. What I mean is that no matter how old you are, your passion for heavy metal in all its aspects is the motivation.  


If you look back at your first release ‘Bloody Vengeance’ (1986) is there anything you would have done differently if you had the chance?


I really can’t explain...I don't know, I like to play to do heavy metal... It's really just the style of Vulcano!

What inspired you to make more extreme metal back in the days? considering your first demo sounded a lot less extreme


Actually back in the early 80's I wanted to compose heavy and dense songs like Black Sabbath and fast and raw songs like Motorhead, but it was almost impossible to achieve that because there was no knowledge, no skill, no equipment available. Our first demo ‘Devil on my Roof’ features as close as we could get to it, the live album also got some of that, but it wasn’t until ‘Bloody Vengeance’ till we got it right!


Do you consider Vulcano to be an influential band to the Brazillian scene?


I consider Vulcano to be an extremely important band for the Brazilian scene, maybe not so influential, but certainly important, because Vulcano is imbued with attitude and "do it yourself" and because of that we are alive 40 years later. Anyway, a great example to look at


Thanks for the interview! The last words are yours!


Hey Marco, it was a great night and it was also cold. Vulcano is very grateful for your commitment and also your friend Niels to lend us the snare drum that saved our show! And finally I understood Igor's joke (In Ruins) about "Popcorn"


Furthermore, I want to thank the readers for patience to arrive until here and the opportunity to speak some words about my band Vulcano. If you guys think this interview is interesting but too short, look for more info’s about us at our Bandcamp band page, our official website or facebook Metalics Cheers! 


Patchman Marco for and Headbangers Zine



Current Line-up:

Zhema Rodero — Guitars (1981–present)

Arthur Von Barbarian — Drums (1987–present)

Luiz Carlos — Vocals (1997–1999, 2010–present)

Ivan Pellicciotti The Darkest - Bass Guitar (2013–present)


Studio Albums:

1986 - Bloody Vengeance (1986)

1987 - Anthropophagy (1987)

1988 - Who Are the True (1988)

1990 - Ratrace (1990)

2004 - Tales from the Black Book (2004)

2009 -Five Skulls and One Chalice (2009)

2011 - Drowning in Blood (2011)

2013 - The Man the Key the Beast (2013)

2014 - Wholly Wicked (2014)

2016 - XIV (2016)

2020 - Eye in Hell (2020)