Wildstreet - 23/03/2019

Sunday, the 10th of March, US Glam Rock band played Rotterdam Baroeg. Marco had the change to do a short interview with the rockers from Brooklyn.


Welcome to Rotterdam guys! How do you like Holland so far, ever been here before and is this your first European tour?


Hello, we are Wildstreet from Brooklyn / The Bronx NYC and we play there once in a few months. For example we played last year with Sebastian Bach, which was pretty cool. We only play the right shows, because in NYC are a million things to do. We want our shows big. As a band this is the first tour outside the USA.



Can you please introduce the band and give us a short biography & discography of the band?


About the beginning: Jimmy and I (Erik Jayk) started the band back in 2005/2006 but in 2013 we split up, because Jimmy had some other musical things. In 2016 we started back again and in-between we also have a band named The Nasty Things. This band plays Glam and Sleaze as well. Erik Jayk is playing the bass and Johnny plays guitar and sings. We played some pretty big things, for example the Rocklahoma Festival. With Wildstreet we released four albums and we are recording a new self-released album at the moment, which is planned for the year 2019.


What are the main influences, musically and lyrically?


We are influenced by everything, we are just writing and try out new things and see what happens. We are just Wildstreet and we try to have our own sound.


How important are looks and Rock ín Roll attitude for you? You live the complete Glam Rock lifestyle 24 hours a day, or do you also have boring jobs and is music just a great escape of daily life?


Well for example one of us is working in a music venue, similar to this club in Rotterdam. Dom is just the one who live the complete Glam Rock lifestyle 24 hours a day, ha ha.


What are your five favourite New York Hard & Heavy bands all time?


Kiss, Ramones, Aerosmith, Living Colour, New York Dolls, Twisted Sister and so on.


Howís the NYC clubcircuit, still alive and kicking and have you support any big 80ís Glam acts?


Clubs in NYC come and go and so much different scenes going on all the time, but thatís how it is.


Do you have any future plans?


We have tons, we just see what comes!


Tony Vriens and Patchman Marco for Headbangerszine & Metal-Experience.com