Ruhrpott Underground - 07/11/2019

Like father, like son! On drums, Ronny Kost (14 year old son of Kost Berneman, ex-Sodom, now Bonded guitarist). On vocals/guitars Manoli Papadopoulis (15 year old son of ex-Sodom manager Theo Papadopoulis). On bass-guitar Tim Reill (20 year old son of Kreator drummer Ventor). And on lead-guitar, the old fart Frank, friend of both parents and kids, as well as Manoli’s top-notch guitar teacher.  Ruhrpott Underground is the youngest thrash metal sensation in today’s notorious Pott scene, based in Duisburg, Dortmund and Essen!



Hi Manoli! At first: give us some info about Ruhrpott Underground!!


Hi Marco! Manoli speaking, we are Ruhrpott Underground and we met each other because our fathers are or were in anyway connected to the German thrash metal bands Kreator and Sodom. Tim’s father is the drummer of Kreator, Ronny’s father was for more than 20 years songwriter and guitarist in the band Sodom and my father managed Sodom for quite a while. But to be clear, we are NOT our fathers! We are three normal guys, who love metal and like to play music! That’s why we prefer to walk the path by ourselves ,because we think it’s much better when we do it without any help. Then we can learn much more and we hope people take us more serious and see we are individuals and real metal maniacs and this is definitely not a project by our known fathers. We do this band by ourselves, as good friends and musicians. Our fathers are just our biggest fans and give us total support and that’s it.


This one is for you Ronny: What was your goal when both of you guys formed this new band?


We love this music and want to play the music we love and grew up with. Another fact, our dads get older and older and someday they will be retired. Then we are there to keep the music alive our parents created back in the early eighties!



Hi Ronny, I know you play overall cover songs, overall from your all-time favourite band Metallica! Is it true your father Kost Berneman worked together with you on some new tunes for the band? Or do you guys do not want the experience of your dedicated metal-rock parents and prefer to walk the path all by yourself…. 


Ronny: For now yes Marco, but own songs are definitely future plans. I know why you ask us this question. I was there when my father told you he wrote plenty of never released Sodom tracks, but to answer your question. No this songs of my father we won’t use in the Ruhrpott Underground. This is our own band and not any project of our fathers. We are thrashers and individuals and our parents never pushed us in any way or direction, for example I also have an older brother who is no Metalhead at all and works as a policemen in Dortmund. He is also the son of Berneman but he never cared about metal music and trust me, my father loves him as much as he loves me. This is our passion, our band and not theirs, period!


Ronan and Manoli: How many gigs have you played so far? You liked the very 1st show in Katwijk, The Netherlands and are you boys excited to play at my 42th birthday bash at Little Devil, Tilburg (NL) in January 2020?


Katwijk was a really great start for us as a band! Now we are booked for several gigs in Germany and to play at your 42th birthday bash! We are excited as fuck to play there, trust me Marco, thanks for the invitation. Tilburg is warned…


Manoli: Are there any more gigs planned till now? Some gigs with your (Ronny’s) dads new band BONDED? 


Yes there are several gigs planned, we will also support my fathers band Bonded a few times. Check for more info!



For you both! Name your Top 10 Metal-Rock-Punk albums right here!


1- Ride The Lightning (from Metallica)

2- Schizophrenia (from Sepultura)

3- Morbid Visions (from Sepultura)

4- Arise (also from Sepultura)

5- Altars Of Madness (from Morbid Angel)

6- Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? (from Megadeth)

7- Rust In Peace (from Megadeth)

8- Kill 'Em All (from Metallica)

9- Master Of Puppets (from Metallica)

10- Black Album (from Metallica)


But me Ronny, I like a lot of albums from Sepultura. I like that type of thrash metal from the nineties. This because of my mother, she comes from Brazil. Sepultura is my favourite band in this country.


Any future plans!?


Ronny: my future plans are to finish my High School, be a surgeon and have a cool and nice band with my friends Manoli, Frank and Tim.


Thank you guys for your time, keep on rocking in a free world!


Just follow your dreams to make it true!!! Greets from our band to you all! Thank you for our first entertaining interview. Just Keep on rocking!!!


Patchman Marco for Headbangerszine en Metal Experience



Current Line-up:

Ronny Kost – Drums

Manoli Papadopoulis – Vocals, Guitars

Tim Reill - Bass-guitar

Frank - Lead-guitar