Kane Roberts - 14/05/2019

Kane Roberts is an American heavy metal guitarist best known for his tenure in Alice Cooper's band from 1985 to 1988. Next to the work for Alice, Kane had a solo career and this year the 4th album, ‘The New Normal ‘, was released. Maurice had the change to interview Kane


Kane, what are you doing right now and how are you feeling at this moment?


Kane: Well, right now I am cooking some delicious food, and I am quite happy with it, haha! Jokes aside, in general I am working on editing a video for the song “Beginning of the End”. Alice Cooper is on that Video and many other artists as well who managed to get all together.



About the new album, ‘The New Normal’, which came out in January 2019. Are you satisfied with the result and what is the concept of it?


Kane: Actually, I didn’t plan a new record at all but I am jamming a lot and Kip Winger asked me to do something together and I said okay to it. Usually I am not a real fan of record companies, but Frontiers Records are doing a very good job and work hard for the artists and I feel lucky to be with them. I usually just want to play the way I want to play and that’s what Frontiers allowed me to do, which is highly appreciated for me as an artist. I also was hooked up with some great writers to work with. And then I wanted to make every song sound like a movie. For me the guitar sound is probably the best I ever recorded. All-in all a great result for me personally.


Did you do the record all on your own or are there other musicians involved in this new release?


Kane: No, there are quite many musicians involved in this work. You have Alice Cooper, Nita Strauss, Kip Winger, members from Baby Metal, Arch Enemy and many more. Quite a collection of musicians, artists and writers. I didn’t do it on my own, I needed a lot of help, and fortunately I got it!


Going back in time, of course we all remember the great Video ‘Freedom’ with Alice Cooper. Have you been in contact with him over all those years?


Kane: Well, when Alice and I met, we were friends immediately, and we managed to stay in touch ever since. I am really very, very lucky to meet this genius and great person. I quite remember being so nervous when I met him and Bob Ezrin, the producer, and all those great people who changed the music world back then and to work with them. Now I really would take the chance anytime to share the stage with him again.


Is there any funny story or trivia you remember about this time period?


Kane: Oh, many funny stories, ha ha! I remember one show in particular that we did and it was our last song. I left the stage and had to come back. Suddenly I stepped with my right foot (I had big and heavy boots on) on a sword and with my left foot I started to slip on stage blood and all those probs. My guitar was still on and the audience thought it was part of the show, but it wasn’t, haha! Really funny story!


What are you doing when you are not doing music?


Kane: Well, I am right now heavily involved in producing and editing the video we are working on, and working together with all those great artists and people. This is just my priority at this very moment.


Ok. And what are your plans for the future and will there be any chance to see you soon on stage in Europe, especially Germany, Holland or Belgium?


Kane: Well, there are no real plans right now, I simply don’t know. But I really would like to get on stage again, but I need to find the band to tour with me. I got in contact with a guy called Dave Balfour from the band Maverick. They asked me if I could tour with them, which really makes me very proud. So that might happen in the near future. For now I am concentrating on getting the videos done.


Ok, Kane, thanks so much for your time and hopefully we meet again sometime soon if you are on the road.


Kane: Thanks to you, Maurice, for your time and see you soon!


Maurice Schreiber for Headbangerszine and Metal-Experience.com




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