Bruut - 07/03/2019

New band, familiair faces! Bruut is a female fronted three piece combo coming from Killburg, The Netherlands. The band is lead by the one and only Corinne Van Den Brand, see also Acrostichon. For me Bruut is one of the most promising new acts around, so time to have a little chat with them!



Welcome folks, let’s jump right into it. How and when did Bruut take form? It seems all members are well-known veterans from the old school Tilburg metal scene, right?


Albert: In the spring of 2017 Corinne and I had an idea to start an old school death metal band. During the summer of that year we asked Joris to join us and Bruut was born. In the beginning we thought about what style of death metal we would like to play.


Joris: Our other bands Acrostichon and Crustacean both resurrected in 1989, still existing these days. During the nineties and early zeroes Crustacean’s Michel Meeuwissen joined Acrostichon and so the paths of Corinne and Joris crossed.

(Corinne) Yes, Joris and I go back a long time. He is a very brutal drummer so I`m glad he wanted to join us.


Tell me a bit more about Bruut! What bands/styles influenced you and is there any goal you like achieve with Bruut?


Albert: We are influenced by old school death metal bands like Entombed, Autopsy, Death, Massacre, Obituary, Morbid Angel, Carcass… our goal is to become masters of the universe.

Corinne: Becoming masters of the universe is cool but that`s a 10 years plan. For now we want to play shows and record our music on regular basis.


Who’s writing the music and or lyrics and what are you lyrical themes all about?


Joris: The songwriting process is standard really. The music starts with the guitar riff. Albert takes care of that and creates the basic structure of the song. During rehearsal, we finalize the song to a flow that we all feel comfortable with. We add the drums and bass parts, and the vocal melody. Corinne later adds the lyrics. The lyrics are about things we encounter in real life like Liars and Backstabbers but also songs about the horror genre like Vampires, Bloodmoon, Cannabalistic Sadistic Mutant Cadavers.


How often do you rehearse and how serious are these practice session…?


We rehearse on a bi-weekly basis. We are taking rehearsals very seriously. After all, we are very serious people, ha ha ha



Any future plans around some release(s) and or any planned live gigs and or festivals coming up?


Well, we recorded the 4-track EP in early 2018, and it should have been released on 7-inch vinyl by now. Unfortunately, there has been some serious delay beyond our influence. We hope it will be out very soon. For 2019 we are planning a CD release of this first BRUUT effort. Since we have a whole batch of new songs, we are even considering another recording session to release our first full-length album. That would be a late 2019 or early 2020 release then. When it comes to gigs, we recently started working on that. We will do a “proper” release party of the EP in the Little Devil since the thing wasn’t available the first time we did the gig. One other gig that is also confirmed, is the Big Ass Metal Fest in Utrecht on 6 April. It will be a show together with Bloodphemy and Phlebotomized.


Top 5 DeathThrash Metal Recordings ever, please go Dutch… ?


01. Pestilence – Consuming Impulse

02. Entombed – Left Hand Path

03. Death - Leprosy

04. Autopsy – Severed Survival

05. Morbid Angel – Altars of Madness


Any last words?


BRUUT will rock you like a hurricane in 2019 !!


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