Mordancy - 26/12/2018

Some years ago I met Angelo as a close friend of Ad aka Fozzy, the mayor of Tilburg who died on 17-02-2015 at the age of 45. Well after Ad's dead Angelo and I get more and more connected, mainly because we both share the passion for underground metal and football (against modern football!). So I checked out Angelo's old metal bands and made the plan to re-issue his never officially released tracks as a compilation album. But of course first planned a chat with him. Here we go!



When was Mordancy formed and by who and why did you guys split up so quickly?


Angelo: Mordancy was formed in ’89/’90 by Frank Schobben (guitar) and Mischa Serrarens (Drums). Later Robert-Jan Jansen (Guitar) and Mark de Smit (Bass/Vocals). They had some covers and about 4 songs (with lyrics and lines on only one) when they were asked to contribute to an open stage night at a local youth centre called Kontrast. A week before this gig, a lot of local youth went to Belgium to get some beers and I was with Mark in one of the cars driving up there. Napalm Death was played on the tapedeck and I was grunting along as he asked me if I had plans for the next week. A week later I was on stage for what was supposed to be a one time thing but kind of like herpes I stayed. Not long after that we had a new bassplayer Jan Verdoorn, a talented guy who thickened the progressive twist we had to the trash.


After the release of the demo things seemed to go well for us, demo of the month in Aardschok, opening for the Swiss band Messiah and there were talks to do support for some Peaceville bands. Then the old fashioned musical differences got between us and RJ and Jan left the band. Replacing them with Erwin van Dorsselaer on Bass and Jimmy van Landeghem on guitar we took a turn to more brutal approach. We never recorded with that line up and I still feel sorry about it. For that time we had some real cool shit. Today´s generation do not understand how lucky they are with all the digital possibilities. During the process of this rerelease we discovered some tapes with rehearsals and we are hoping to get this stuff out as a bonus or so. We eventually split because we got to an age where other stuff got important I guess.


Who came up with the bandname and what does it mean?


Angelo: Beats me who did? It means: Inciviseness, harshness, sarcastic. It had a nice ring to it, nothing more. We weren’t spoiled with the internet really then so we didn’t know there was another Mordancy in Germany NRW


Which bands / artists influenced you musically/lyrically?


Angelo: We listened to a lot of stuff, from the Earache label bands to the early German thrash bands like Kreator, Sodom and Destruction. But also to Megadeth, Dark Angel, Mercyful Fate, Nasty Savage, Suicidal Tendencies , Pantera, Biohazard etc.

Robert-Jan brought in the progressive twist with Psychotic Waltz, Confessor, Mekong Delta, Sieges Even, but also more doomy stuff like Solitude Aeturnus or early T.O.N.

There was no particular band that inspired me lyrically by that time


How was the scene in the Zeeland province of The Netherlands with bands such as: Sjølmord, Gorefest and others? Was there any connection between Mordancy and those bands at the time?


Angelo: We sometimes went to ‘t Beest in Goes or De Piek in Vlissingen to see bands but in those days days we had to travel by ferry to get to the other Islands. We were kind of spoiled in our own part with bands like Burial, Mindlink, Lycanthrope, Paralysis, Thyrus, Polluted Inheritance, Lochristy. There was more of a scene then there is now, There were clubs, bars with stages, a local MC and youth centra where we could play in both Hulst and Terneuzen. I very much liked the Gorefest demos, but I remember their singer not being very popular in our parts, lol. No there was no direct connection other than having shared a stage.


Was Mordancy your only band or was there more before, during, afterwards?


Angelo: Mordancy was my first band, I did some rehearsing later with Lochristy, Burial and Collateral Damage. I sang in Bullcreek, doomy melodic death metal, we had a CD in jan ´17 (Frank & Erwin form Mordancy were also member of Bullcreek) and for the moment I do the vocals for the Flemish black metal band Gotmoor. We are in the process of recording an album which I expect in the fall,


About your demo and EP, how many copies of those releases did you spread? Were you active tape traders? How far did you manage to spread them?


Angelo: We were able to spread 90% of our tapes local and some went overseas. Besides R/J no one was interested in getting them spread. Making music and having fun was all we cared about. After we had the big lineup change the rights to the Demo were sold to Shiver Records, who brought out a 7”. I haven’t got an idea how many copies got sold. Sometimes I see a copy at a metal market or online.



Was there ever interest from any record label at the time?


Angelo: Yes there was actually, I remember that in the offer they tried to persuade us to be more progressive, while by having played live we discovered that speeding up things and the grooving parts got us the better response.


Have you played many gigs at that time and what was the best one to remember?


Angelo: We did most in our own area and a few in Belgium and further up the road in Holland. Opening for Messiah in the BatCave in Tilburg was one of my favourites.


The last ones are for you Angelo! When did you get hooked by Metal and what was the first album you bought? I know you're very much into the underground! What are your five new(-ish) favourite in the current underground?


Angelo: Somewhere at the age of 10, I’m an 80’s kid. The first album I bought was AC/DC ‘Let There be Rock’, epic. Recently I listened to the song ‘Overdose’ again, still gives me goosebumps!


Recent stuff I picked up: Avslut ‘Deceptis’, Occultum ‘In Nomine Rex Inferni’, Dagorath ‘Evil is the Spirit’. I mostly listen to black metal nowadays but also the doom-gothic bands Aeoninan Sorrow or Dark Matter I listen to a lot.


As for Holland: Apophys, Bleeding Gods, Asagraum, The Fifth Alliance, Incinerator and Graceless.


Thank you for your time brother! End with your final words!


Angelo: It always was supposed to be fun!


Patchman Marco for Headbangerszine & Metal-Experience





Jan Verdoorn  - Bass

Mischa Serrarens - Drums

Robbert-Jan Jansen - Guitars

Frank Schobben - Guitars

Angelo de Bruijn - Vocals




1992 - Mortals Slow Decline (Demo)

1993 - The Progressive Downfall (EP)

2018 - The Anthology 1989-1993