Megathérion - 23/09/2018

Megathérion is a new upcoming Black Thrash Metal band, coming from Germany. The band was formed in the year 2018. The line-up includes notorious underground Metal maniacs such as: Carnivore: (Shrine, ex-Cruel Force) on vocals, Aethon (Eurynomos) on guitars, Summānus on drums and Magma (Eurynomos): on the bass. Enough history, now read the interview!



Hey you crazy fukkers, please tell us your latest news and the last happenings in Megathérion! When was the band formed and by who? I already sold 11 records from your band through my distro, which is a really good sign. Damn I am really sure there is a huge potential in this band!


Aithon: Thanks Marco, for your words and support through your hellish distro and now the magazine.MEGATHÉRION was formed by an accident during a rehearsal session.„Summanus“, an old friend and drummer, hasn't touched a drum kit for a decade and I told him that he can play on the drum kit in the EURYNOMOS rehearsal room if he wants to. So in late 2015 we jammed a bit together with bass player „Magma“ and I felt that it could be more than just playing for fun, cause „Summanus“ is an old rocker and he has a more vintage style of playing, something that I personally like a lot. So for the next rehearsal session I brought a song („Megathérion“), we tried it and that was the birth of the band. The bandname I had written down as one of the alternative names for EURYNOMOS. But I kept it in mind for a future project or band… It was suggested to the other guys, they agreed and here we are. Our vocalist „Carnivore“ joined later, somewhere in Spring 2017 if I remember correctly. 


You recently released a S/T mini album, really nice first work. Where did you record it and are you happy with the result and feedback so far?


Aithon: We recorded it at the „Crypts of Züchner“ were also EURYNOMOS record. „Magma“ was the poor guy who had the nerve wrecking privilege to mix the whole thing, he is the technical mind of the band. The story behind the recording was: We already recorded the instrumental songs before we had a singer which means nobody really knew what to expect when it comes to the vocals. „Carnivore“ joined later, and he had to deal and work with the stuff that we already recorded. We only had one rehearsal together, and then he recorded the vocals. So for this kind of recording, I am happy with it. It sounds natural, organic, powerful and has a true vintage vibe. The feedback so far has been very positive.   


Can you please describe the band for those who haven’t heard Megathérion? Any typical influences?


Aithon: Well, we heard comparisons to SLAUGHTER (Can), HELLHAMMER, ancient SLAYER, etc which I can agree with. Lots of open power chords with a good amount of feedback, a heavy bass guitar, drums with lots of double bass firing and guttural vocals right from the tomb.


Who writes the music and tell me about the lyrical themes?


Aithon: Well, I prepare most riffs and sometimes entire songs at home, then we try them at the rehearsal place and see if things can be optimized. It is always good to get a second or third opinion, sometimes it helps to improve the songs. Lyric-wise, at least on the Mini Album, „Carnivore“ and I shared the lyrics. Some lyrics were done before he joined but for new songs I guess he will do most of the lyrics. I can only talk for my part of the lyrics, „Megathérion“ is about the band and the energy we present, „Secret Invocation“ is a fictional story about a city being under attack and the last hope is to call the spirits of the ancients for help. „Built for Sin“ is about a sex maniac who is on the hunt for sinful flesh.


What about a full album?


Aithon: 50% of the songs are written and I am currently preparing the rest of the songs at home and then we will try them at the rehearsal place.I am excited to do a full length, I want to make it a real crusher! I hope we will record this winter…. the weather sucks anyway, it’s the best time to forge the steel and slash the hammer on the anvil, so we can enjoy Summer and sit at the pool with cold drinks and hot chicks.


What about live shows, planned some gigs already and do you think you have a lot of possibilities to play anyway?


Aithon: We have one gig coming up in March 2019 at the UNHOLY METAL MAYHEM Festival in Oberhausen / Duitsland. It will be our fist gig and we will make sure it will be thunderous. No other gigs planned yet. I would like to do our album first and then see what can be done when it comes to attack live.


Top 5 underground releases since 1980.


Aithon: Puuuuh… difficult one… only 5 or did you mean 50? Hehe… but I try…and mention bands that maybe had the biggest impact. With underground you mean Thrash/ Black/ Speed Metal, right? Anyway, here we go with albums:

SLAYER Show No Mercy

VENOM „The Singles 80-86“ (if that counts as a „release“…. it was an LP back then, hehe) BATHORY „The Return…“

POSSESSED „Seven Churches“

KREATOR „Pleasure to Kill“


and here also 5 demos, for the „real underground“:


HELLHAMMER „Satanic Rites“ Demo

DEATH „Reign of terror“ Demo

MASSACRE „Chamber of Ages“ Demo

TORMENTOR „Anno Domini“ Demo

TREBLINKA „Sign of the Pentagram“ Demo


Any future plans?


Aithon: To deliver heaviest kick ass Metal! Cheers Marco for the interview. Keep up the good underground works.


Thanks for your time,

Patchman Marco for Headbangers Zine /





Magma - Bass
Summānus - Drums
Aethon - Guitars
Carnivore - Vocals


2018 - Megathérion EP