HateSphere  - 23/11/2011

HATESPHERE is a Danish thrash/ death metal band from Aarhus. The band was formed in 1998 by guitarist Peter “Pepe” Hansen. HateSphere quickly overpowered the Danish metal scene, while concurrently setting an immeasurable new standard for thrash metal domestically and abroad. HateSphere’s first three albums, ‘Hatesphere’, ‘Bloodred Hatred‘ and ‘Ballet of the Brute’, upgraded the band’s status from local sensation to Europe’s hottest up and coming thrash quintet. Under the leadership of Scarlet Records, Hatesphere toured Europe, while also turning heads at the Wacken Open Air, With Full Force, and Hellfest festivals.


In 2005, HateSphere inked a deal with SPV Records and assembled a production team of established Danish producers; including Tommy Hansen, Jacob Hansen, and Tue Madsen. ‘The Sickness Within’ was released in September of that same year receiving raving reviews from the worldwide metal media. Following the 2005 release, it was ‘Serpent Smiles and Killer Eyes’(2007) that made it to position 26 on the Danish National Music Charts. Soon thereafter, HateSphere amicably parted ways with then vocalist Jacob Bredahl. Hatesphere entered Antfarm Studios in November 2008 to record the next album entitled ‘To the Nines’. As of 2010, the band consists of vocalist Esben Hansen, guitarists Peter Hansen, and Jakob Nyholm, bass player Jimmy Nedergaard and drummer Mike Park. The band has released six albums and two EP’s to date.


The new album ‘The Great Bludgeoning’ was released at the end of September 2011 and produced, mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen (The Haunted, Sick Of It All, Moonspell, Dark Tranquillity) at the Antfarm Studios in Aarhus, Denmark. The cover artwork as created by Mircea Gabriel Eftemie, who has previously worked with Soilwork, Strapping Young Lad and Mnemic (for which he also plays the guitar).



So, in order to find out all there is to know about HateSphere’s latest album we tracked down Peter Lyse Hansen (guitars) to answer some questions. Here you can read what he had to say to the readers of Metal-Experience.com.



First of all, how are you doing? And congratulations on your new album ‘The Great Bludgeoning’ which was released recently. Of course we’d like to ask you a couple of questions about it.


Peter: Thanks, I’m doing fine - hope you are as well...


Which approach did you choose to create ‘The Great Bludgeoning’, did you go for a more raw exposition.. or something more reminiscent of your previous other works, or something altogether different?


Peter: We didn’t really go for anything. We just wrote the album, as we always do - and we never agree on a certain direction before starting the song writing. We just write the music that we feel for at that certain time of our lives, and this time we felt for something a tad more old school, I think. The new members were all into HateSphere before joining the band, and that gave us kind of the same background. We all felt like we had to make the ultimate angry HateSphere album, and I think we succeeded pretty well on that one.


What was the songwriting process like for ‘The Great Bludgeoning’? For instance, does someone come in with just a riff, or complete songs?


Peter: It’s never the same thing. I have written almost all the music as usual - but the new guys have contributed as well. Anyway, the new thing is that because of us living in different parts of the country, we don’t rehearse as much as we did before. But when we rehearse, we have to get a lot done. So I recorded stuff at home, mailed it to the other guys, so they were prepared when we had to rehearse. So, we were pretty efficient, when we rehearsed. This time around I wrote and arranged most of the songs with our drummer again, but with help from the others as well. When writing a song, we never just come with one riff... we always have more riffs fitting together, so there is something to build upon.


What were the goals you had in mind when you started to record ‘The Great Bludgeoning’, any elements you definitely wanted to include on the album?


Peter: No, actually not. Just plain great HateSphere songs!


After the release of your previous album ‘To the Nines’ there were some line-up changes. Did this have an influence on the new songs? 


Peter: Absolutely, it always does. When you get a new drummer and a new singer (and a bass player) it has an impact on the music. But it’s obvious that it’s still HateSphere though. But these guys make us sound in shape, fresh and angry.



Could you describe the implications of the title ‘The Great Bludgeoning’, what does it stand for and is there a special meaning behind it?


Peter: It describes really well, how we feel our music works on you. How you will feel while listening to it, how you will feel at a show, and how we felt while making the songs. It describes us being more self confident than ever, ready to kick everybody’s asses, if they disagree ;-)


Can you tell me a little more about the lyrics, did anything in particular inspire you?


Peter: The lyrics are for the most part tales of (and views on) everyday life through a more or less dark or pessimistic lense. They are tales of ruined lives, self-hate, greed, thoughtlessness and more.


How important is it to you that people pay attention to your lyrics apart from listening to your music?


Peter: The music comes first for me - but it is very important that the lyrics fit the atmosphere and the standard of the music as well. Great hook lines and memorable sing-a-long parts never hurt either, right? I really like the fact that we have a great lyricist in the band now, not only a great singer!


Can you give us a little background information on the songs, is there a story behind them?


Peter: Not really... it’s just some good music that we made ;-)


If someone was only going to read the lyrics and not listen to the music, what would you hope they would take from them?


Peter: They should get out of them whatever they want. That’s the funny thing about lyrics, they always mean different stuff from person to person. They can take what they want from the lyrics, I just mostly hope they remember what they have heard... and remember it as something great ;-)


How did the recording process proceed, did you work differently this time than you did with your previous works? How much time did you spend in the studio?


Peter: We had around two and a half weeks in the studio but we didn’t use that much time. The atmosphere was pretty relaxed. We all know what we have to do, we all know each other, so we can just take things as they come. We laugh a lot but we also get a lot of work done. We had kids and girlfriends running around in the studio but we still did what we had to do.


The album was once again produced by Tue Madsen. So there must be a chemistry between you guys and him, can you tell us about working with him?


Peter: For us it’s very relaxed, as we have worked with him on around 5 albums and have known him for a long time. But both parties know what it takes - and we like to have this mixture of relaxation and professionalism. Without the relaxed atmosphere the album wouldn’t have been the same.


In which elements/songs on the new album can one clearly hear Tue’s vision and ideas?


Peter: Well, Tue knows how he wants us to sound, and we know how we want him to make us sound. So we find a good compromise. I would say you can’t hear his vision in one particular part - he, as well as us, is all over the album.



You’ve released seven full length albums, including the new one so far. What do you think are the main differences between your self titled debut album and the new one?


Peter: 11 years of experience... we are way more self-confident now - and we dare to write what we feel for!


With several albums under your belt, how far has Hatesphere surpassed your original dreams and what would you say is the most rewarding part of being in the band?


Peter: I never dreamt of releasing at least 7 full length albums, touring around the world etc.. So yes, the band has brought me more than I could ever dream of. I am not getting rich by doing it but I am having fun and people like it. So the most rewarding part is actually that you get invited to all over the world to play, that people from all over the world know your music and last but not least that people show up at your shows only to listen to your music. It makes it all worth it!


Which song is your favorite one to play live? Which song do you find the most challenging one to play live?


Peter: I have different favorites and they differ from time to time as well. I always like to play “The Coming Of Chaos”, “500 Dead People” or for example “Floating”. The most challenging song is quite difficult to say... I don’t really feel that way about our songs.


What have been the highlights and low points throughout your career?


Peter: Playing both China and Japan plus some huge festivals must be the highlights. Low points, I don’t know. You experience shitty things from time to time but don’t let them get to you!


Could you respond to the following terms in just one word or sentence:


Death / Thrash metal: Leather!                

Underground: Black 

Internet: Porn!  

Religion: Problems             

Politics: Irritation           

The Netherlands: Tulips   

Denmark: Aggroculture, haha...   


Can you tell us a little about yourself and the kinds of things that motivate you in your writing, your poetry, and your lyrics? What are you personally into?


Peter: I am into lots of different stuff. Musically mainly metal but all sorts of metal... except metalcore, I hate that shit, ha ha! Anyway, as I don’t write many lyrics I can’t really tell you that much about them but musically I am not that inspired by any particular bands or artists anymore. I think I have found my own way of writing, my own style, and I dare to write what I feel for. Motivation is simply making good music - going out playing live - and meeting the fans for sure!



What is your opinion on the metal scene these days? What do you think of the overload of bands at the moment and is there anything missing in the scene?


Peter: He he, talent I guess. No, there is talent out there, it’s just so hard to find, as there are way too many bands and way too many albums released. Even if you don’t get a record deal (which isn’t that hard either) you can release your album pretty easy, and that makes it hard to get a decent view on how the scene is doing. Personally I don’t like that many new bands coming out. There is too much focus on appearance instead of the main thing, the music. So, who dares to be just a little bit different? Not many... and if they do, they are always way too different and weird. I find it hard to find bands out there with a distinct sound, sorry to say!


What makes Hatesphere different from the other death/thrash metal bands?


Peter: I think we have our own sound. Not meaning that we have invented anything new but we sound like ourselves. We dare to put different stuff into our music but still it’s only small details that you have to listen very carefully to find. We have the opinion that you have to write good, varied songs, instead of trying to sound like everybody else wants you to sound. After having released albums in more than a decade we surely know how to write a song, and I think you can feel that self confidence in the songs. 


Which goals did you have when the band started out and how do those goals stand now?


Peter: We just wanted to release an album... and if we were lucky also tour once in a while. And we did...


What does the future hold for Hatesphere?


Peter: We are touring Europe this fall on two smaller headlining runs. In the spring of 2012 we will tour Europe again before concentrating on Scandinavia early summer. During the summer we will play festivals, and then we aim for a return to the US in late 2012 as well... so hopefully pretty busy and exciting times await.


Anything you want to say to our readers, here is your chance?


Peter: Thanks for supporting HateSphere. Check out the new album - we’re sure that you wont get disappointed. See you on the road soon!






Current members:

Esben Hansen - Vocals (2010-)

Peter Lyse Hansen – Rhythm & Lead Guitar (1998-)

Jakob Nyholm – Rhythm Guitar (2007-)

Mike Park - Drums (2009-)

Jimmy Nedergaard - Bass (2011-)


Former members:



Jacob Bredahl (1998–2007) (Allhelluja, The Kandidate, Barcode)

Jonathan Albrechtsen (2007–2010) (Scarred by Beauty, Mudslide)


Lead guitars:

Niels Peter Siegfredsen (1998–2003) (Cryonic)

Henrik Bastrup Jacobsen (2003–2007) (Koldborn, Sadogoat)



Mikael Ehlert Hansen (1998–2007)

 Mixen Lindberg (2007–2010)



Jesper Moesgaard (1998–2000)

Morten Toft Hansen (2000–2003) (Raunchy)

Anders Gyldenøhr (2003–2007) (Grope, Artillery, Pixie Killers)

Dennis Buhl (2007–2009) (The Downward Candidate/The Kandidate)



Studio albums:

(2001) Hatesphere

(2002) Bloodred Hatred

(2004) Ballet of the Brute

(2005) The Sickness Within

(2007) Serpent Smiles and Killer Eyes

(2009) To the Nines

(2011) The Great Bludgeoning



(2003) Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Black

(2005) The Killing