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Attention Bands: We appreciate all friend requests on Facebook and your support of If you would like to possibly have your band featured in one of our sections on the site, please send us a message via Facebook, or email us using the address use the address on this page so we may communicate with you directly. We're looking for high quality rock and metal bands that need to be heard. If we like what we hear, then at some point you will most likely be featured on the site. Our purpose is to spread the word about some decent and relatively unknown talent.


If you want to submit demos, mp3s and materials for review for features on the site, use the address on this page and feel free to contact us anytime.


We hope to have your bands featured on our site through live photos, interviews, features, concert reports and cd reviews very soon. We look forward to working with all of you in the future. would like to thank all the bands, record labels, websites, tour managers, publicists, metal fans and everyone else who has been so great to us! THANK YOU!


Keep real music alive and rock hard!

To contact us by ground mail, address all correspondence to :

E. Straver
Nassaudreef 43
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The Netherlands

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General conditions

If you use our photos commercially without our permission, credits and/or payment, you violate the rules, we will bill you according the rules and if necessary we will take legal actions. We don't ask for a lot, but like any of you we just don't like to be ripped off.

We hope you have a good lawyer if you disregard this warning.

We can deliver you professional photos in high-res. jpg files. If you want to use any of our photos for commercial use, just send us an e-mail for more details and prices. Besides that we want to be credited on the product and we want to receive 2 copies of the finished product for our archive.

You can use our photos for your website without any charge, but with credits and if possible with a link to our website on the same page as the photos. If extra text-credits aren't possible on a page you could e.g. link our website on your links page. You are not allowed to remove our URL or alter our photos. If you need to make them smaller, make sure the URL is still readable!

Please email me your URL if you use our photos them, we like to see the results!!

Of course I will also send you our pics if you just want them for your own collection, desktop etc. But the same goes as for websites: We will send you the low-res .jpg files and you can not remove my URL, so that when you share them with your friends and they end up 10 friends further down the line, those people also know whose pics they are. As well as the visitors of the websites where your friend's friend's friend ends up posting them after the pics have travelled all the way to his computer.